Ethics and Disclosure

Hippocrates (about 470 BC–about 410 BC)

Principles of the Fungal Research Group Foundation, Inc. (FRGF) and its activity:

The purpose of Fungal Research Group Foundation, Inc. and its activity is to serve the health and social well-being of the public and workers, individually and collectively. Public and occupational/environmental health practice must be performed according to the highest professional standards and ethical principles. Public and occupational or environmental health professionals must contribute to environmental, occupational and community health.

The aim of the FRGF and the duties of occupational/environmental health professionals include protecting the life and the health of the public, worker, respecting human dignity and promoting the highest ethical principles in public, occupational and environmental health policies and programs. Integrity in professional conduct, impartiality and the protection of the confidentiality of health data and of the privacy of workers are part of these duties.

Public and occupational/environmental health professionals participating in FRGF and its activity are experts and professionals who aught to enjoy full professional independence in the execution of their functions and opinions. They must acquire and maintain the competence necessary for their duties and require conditions which allow them to carry out their tasks according to good practice and professional ethics.

Faculty and Speaker Disclosure:

It is the policy of FRGF to ensure objectivity, balance, independence, transparency, and scientific rigor in all sponsored educational activities and publications. All faculty participating in the planning or implementation of a sponsored activity are expected to disclose to the audience any relevant financial relationships and to assist in resolving any conflict of interest that may arise from the relationship. Presenters must also make a meaningful disclosure to the audience of their discussions of unlabeled or unapproved products, drugs or devices. This information will available as part of the conference/course material.